Discover the High-Performance 90919-02240 Ignition Coil for Toyota Vehicles

Discover the High-Performance 90919-02240 Ignition Coil for Toyota Vehicles

The 90919-02240 Ignition Coil is an integral part of your vehicle's ignition system, providing the necessary high voltage to ignite fuel in the engine's cylinders. Manufactured by DEKEO and originating from Guangdong, China, this high-quality ignition coil stands out with its remarkable features and impressive performance.

Car Fitment Model Year Engine
Toyota PRIUS C (NHP10_) 2011- 1.5 Hybrid, 1.5 (NCP93_), 1.5 (NCP91_), 1.3 (SCP12_)
VIOS/YARIS Saloon (_P9_), YARIS (_P9_), PRIUS C (NHP10_), YARIS (_P1_), For Toyota 2005- 1.5 (NCP93_)
YARIS (_P1_) 1999-2005 1.3 (SCP12_)
YARIS (_P9_) 2005-, 2011-, 2005-, 1999-2005 1.5 (NCP91_)

Exceptional Quality and Performance

The 90919-02240 Ignition Coil guarantees durability and longevity due to its high-quality materials and strict manufacturing processes. It contributes to the smooth running of your vehicle with its precise energy supply, transforming the battery's low voltage to the thousands of volts necessary for ignition.

Compatible Models

This ignition coil model is suitable for a wide array of Toyota vehicles, including the Vios/Yaris Saloon (P9), Yaris (P9), Prius C (NHP10_), and Yaris (P1) from the year 1999 to 2011. The engines it is compatible with include the 1.5 Hybrid, 1.5 (NCP93_), 1.5 (NCP91_), and 1.3 (SCP12_).

OEM No. Ref.
90919-02240, 90080-19021, 90919-02265, UF-316,90080-19021,90919-02265,UF-316 BO200, QL1033, 122-01-019, ABE086, C605, WG1498859, DC1074, IIS-030, 7802200, 6100041SX, CBE5228, 60-0009, 40102165, T133004, PCI1103, QF09A00150, MCI9200, 5C1293, 5DA749475-931, 1608-3102,QL1033,122-01-019,ABE086,C605,WG1498859,DC1074,IIS-030,7802200,6100041SX,CBE5228,60-0009,40102165,T133004,PCI1103,QF09A00150,MCI9200,5C1293,5DA749475-931,1608-3102

Easy Installation

The 90919-02240 Ignition Coil is designed with user-friendly installation in mind. It is a direct replacement for your old or faulty ignition coil and requires simple tools for installation, making it an attractive option for car owners.

Warranty and Certifications

Every 90919-02240 Ignition Coil comes with a one-year warranty, ensuring that you receive a product you can trust. Additionally, it holds an ISO9001 certification, reflecting its adherence to international standards of quality and safety.

Reliable and Versatile

Aside from its OE numbers—90919-02240, 90080-19021, 90919-02265, UF-316—it also matches various reference numbers, showcasing its versatility in replacing different ignition coil models.

In conclusion, the 90919-02240 Ignition Coil is a highly reliable and superior-quality auto part that significantly contributes to the performance of your vehicle. Upgrade your Toyota's ignition system with the 90919-02240 Ignition Coil, and experience worry-free and efficient driving.

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